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"We had horrible water damage and didn't know what to do. We called up Water Damage Direct and told them what we had going on. That day they sent someone out! In no time flat our problem was solved! What a pleasure to work with such professionals."
Andrew F
- Orlando, FL

The Best Orlando Water Damage Restoration Company

Water Damage Direct is an established water damage restoration company in Orlando Florida. We specialize in water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, mold restoration and removal & remediation. Our certified and trained professionals are the best in the business and get the work done whether it is a small residential project or a big commercial project. We have the staff and the equipment to get the job done. Water damage is unfortunately one of those things that when it happens, you it fixed now. You need to first stop the water from entering the building, maybe it was water from a flood or maybe it was water from a leak. Then the next step is to remove the water. Nothing good has ever come from water being where it should not be. Remove the water and do it fast before mold starts to build up. On top of that water can mess up your entire building if it gets in the wrong places. Give us a call today at 407 392-0887 and let us help you get rid of this problem you have.

Flood and Water Damage Restoration

We are trained and certified and guarantee our work is the best.

The skill set needed to handle water and flood damage correctly you don’t want anybody else but trained professionals doing the work, and that is exactly what we are.

On top of that you want professionals that are, well, professional. You want us to show up on time, know what we are doing, get the job done and leave so you can get back to work, and that is exactly what we do!

We will arrive quickly to the premises and look at the water damage. After we look at the situation we will put a game plan together, and execute it. Every project we do is a little different but thankfully we have been doing this so long and are so well trained we are ready and able to handle every situation and know after looking it exactly what to do. We don’t’ care if it’s a small residential building or a huge commercial property we are on it!

There are some steps to take when handling water damage. The first is to call a water damage restoration company. We are the fastest and most trusted and respected water Remediation Company in the entire Orlando Florida area, and we are here for you. One of the other reasons to call us right away is so we can come out and fix the problem. The longer you wait you are inviting mold and fungus to start to grow inside your home! And we don’t want that.

After you call us, rescue your belongings, any precious items you have that are close to the water or in the water but not damaged yet get them out as soon as possible.

You also must make sure to turn off your electricity! Your safety may be at risk. Stop the flow of electricity as soon as you can.

Then, remove rugs, carpets, and other treasured belonging.

Then at that point we will come into play. If you haven’t done the above steps we will do it. Then we will remove all the water and do a complete cleaning to prevent mold. We will work as diligently as possible so you can get back to living life as soon as you can.

Fire damage repair

We also do fire damage repair. Maybe the fire was caused by natural circumstances, a forest fire that got out of hand, or maybe it was caused by an accident. Your neighbor’s house caught on fire and it spread, internal electrical circuits malfunctioned, or maybe it was something as simple as somebody throwing a cigarette bud on the ground and it caught on fire and spread, either way if you need to fix damage a dire did this is something you need to address right away.

The good news is we are trained in all areas of fire damage restoration including restoration after fire occurs, repairing damaged portions of structures, removing items the fire destroyed and everything else that is required.


If you have mold growing on the inside of your house you need to have us come out right away. Mold is a living fungus. Molds are microorganisms that are decomposers of dead materials. You do not want this inside any building. We will come out and remove all your mold. Anything the mold damaged we will fix. We are trained fully in this area and can handle any project and any amount of mold.

A common place you find mold is in basements. People get a leak, big or small, they don’t address it and after some time the mold starts to form and grow. We will detect it, locate it, identify it, and remove it and then test for any fungal development again anywhere in your house or office just to make sure it’s completely removed.

Insurance Claims.

Good news! Your insurance company will cover some of if not all of the expenses if you get water damage. When you purchase home insurance this is one thing you never want to use, but it is good if you need it. If a flood hits, the lake or ocean you live by builds up and leaks into your home or a pike breaks or something else that causes water damage, it’s nice to know your insurance is going to help you cover the expense.

The first step you want to do is document everything. Make a list and take photos. Especially right when it happens. If you can take a picture of the room while it’s flooded the insurance company will now have hard proof of what happened and getting money from them to pay a company to fix it should be no problem.

The next step is to document where the water came from. Did it come from a flood? If it did where did the water first start to seep in from? Did it come from the roof? Where is the leak? Once the water leaked in where did it go next? The insurance company wants to see the big picture, the story as it were. So the more information you can give them the better.

Once you have this information submit your claim. Submit all the documents and pictures you have. As long as you have photographic and video proof the damage done you should be covered and get fully reimbursed. Remember each policy though is different. Some will cover personal belongs, some may not. This is a good time to talk to your agent to see what steps they want you to take. We can of course always help you with this since we interact with people all the time in this situation.

We service the Orlando FL area and are here to serve you and help you out with your water damage needs. Give us a call


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Water Damage Direct
Written by: Michael Rogers
Date Published: 02/22/2015
Water Damage Direct was a pleasure to work with. Professional, knowledgeable, and effective. I am very pleased with their services
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